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OSDMap Class Reference

#include <OSDMap.h>

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 127 of file OSDMap.h.

Public Member Functions

void adjust_osd_weights (map< int, double > &weights, Incremental &inc)
int apply_incremental (Incremental &inc)
void build_simple (epoch_t e, ceph_fsid_t &fsid, int num_osd, int num_dom, int pg_bits, int lpg_bits, int mds_local_osd)
int calc_num_osds ()
int calc_pg_rank (int osd, vector< int > &acting, int nrep=0)
int calc_pg_role (int osd, vector< int > &acting, int nrep=0)
void clear_flag (int f)
void decode (bufferlist &bl)
void encode (bufferlist &bl)
bool exists (int osd)
ceph_object_layout file_to_object_layout (object_t oid, ceph_file_layout &layout)
bool find_osd_on_ip (const entity_addr_t &ip) const
const entity_addr_t & get_addr (int osd)
void get_all_osds (set< int32_t > &ls)
int get_any_up_osd ()
const utime_t & get_created () const
epoch_t get_down_at (int osd)
epoch_t get_epoch () const
int get_flags () const
ceph_fsid_t & get_fsid ()
const entity_addr_t & get_hb_addr (int osd)
entity_inst_t get_hb_inst (int osd)
osd_info_t & get_info (int osd)
bool get_inst (int osd, entity_inst_t &inst)
entity_inst_t get_inst (int osd)
int get_max_osd () const
const utime_t & get_modified () const
int get_num_in_osds ()
int get_num_osds ()
int get_num_up_osds ()
int get_pg_acting_primary (pg_t pg)
int get_pg_acting_rank (pg_t pg, int osd)
int get_pg_acting_role (pg_t pg, int osd)
int get_pg_acting_tail (pg_t pg)
int get_pg_layout (int pg_pool, int seed, ceph_object_layout &layout)
int get_pg_num (int pg_pool)
const pg_pool_t * get_pg_pool (int p)
int get_pg_primary (pg_t pg)
int get_pg_role (pg_t pg, int osd)
unsigned get_pg_size (pg_t pg)
int get_pg_type (pg_t pg)
const char * get_pool_name (int p)
const map< int, pg_pool_t > & get_pools ()
int get_state (int o)
epoch_t get_up_from (int osd)
epoch_t get_up_thru (int osd)
unsigned get_weight (int o)
float get_weightf (int o)
bool have_addr (const entity_addr_t &addr) const
bool have_inst (int osd)
bool have_pg_pool (int p) const
int identify_osd (const entity_addr_t &addr) const
void inc_epoch ()
bool is_blacklisted (const entity_addr_t &a)
bool is_down (int osd)
bool is_in (int osd)
bool is_out (int osd)
bool is_up (int osd)
int lookup_pg_pool_name (const char *name)
ceph_object_layout make_object_layout (object_t oid, int pg_pool, int preferred=-1, int object_stripe_unit=0)
int pg_to_acting_osds (pg_t pg, vector< int > &acting)
int pg_to_osds (pg_t pg, vector< int > &osds)
void pg_to_up_acting_osds (pg_t pg, vector< int > &up, vector< int > &acting)
void print (ostream &out)
void print_summary (ostream &out)
pg_t raw_pg_to_pg (pg_t pg)
bool raw_to_temp_osds (pg_t pg, vector< int > &raw, vector< int > &temp)
void raw_to_up_osds (pg_t pg, vector< int > &raw, vector< int > &up)
void set_epoch (epoch_t e)
void set_flag (int f)
void set_fsid (ceph_fsid_t &f)
void set_max_osd (int m)
void set_state (int o, unsigned s)
void set_weight (int o, unsigned w)
void set_weightf (int o, float w)
int test_flag (int f) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void build_simple_crush_map (CrushWrapper &crush, map< int, const char * > &poolsets, int num_osd, int num_dom=0)

Public Attributes

CrushWrapper crush

Private Attributes

hash_map< entity_addr_t, utime_t > blacklist
utime_t created
epoch_t epoch
uint32_t flags
ceph_fsid_t fsid
int32_t max_osd
utime_t modified
map< string, int > name_pool
int num_osd
vector< entity_addr_t > osd_addr
vector< entity_addr_t > osd_hb_addr
vector< osd_info_t > osd_info
vector< uint8_t > osd_state
vector< __u32 > osd_weight
map< pg_t, vector< int > > pg_temp
int32_t pool_max
map< int32_t, string > pool_name
map< int, pg_pool_t > pools


class MDS
class OSDMonitor
class PGMonitor


class  Incremental

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